The Human Being And His Destiny

  • مشخصات
  • ناشر: مرکز بين المللی ترجمه و نشر المصطفی (ص)
  • نویسنده: شهيد مرتضی مطهری
  • مترجم: مرکز فرهنگی و تحقيقات امين
  • تعداد صفحات: 120
  • شمارگان: 300
  • شابک: 9789641953876
  • شناسه ملی: 3892659
  • مشخصات تکميلی
  • زبان : انگليسی
  • موضوع : فلسفه و منطق
  • سال چاپ : 1394
  • نوبت چاپ : سوم
  • قطع : رقعی
  • نوع جلد : شوميز

The Human Being And His Destiny

The Man and His Destiny is a translation of the Persian book Insan wa Sarniwisht by the great Muslim thinker and reformer, Ayatullāh Murtadā Muțahharī.
Like many contemporary thinkers, the problem of causes of Muslims’ decline has been among his primary concerns. This problem has been dealt with from different viewpoints. What Mutahhari does in this connection is to approach it from the angle of man's destiny and the problem of predestination and free will.
The question of fate and destiny is a philosophical question. But in this book this question is being studied under the heading of “The causes of the decline of the Muslims”. This heading includes multifarious subjects, events and questions, some of them being historical, others psychological, moral, social or purely religious. A few of them are philosophical also. The link which binds these subjects together is their positive or negative effects on the progress and the decline of the Muslim society.

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