Intellectuality and Spirituality

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Intellectuality and Spirituality

In the modern period, knowledge has been successively reduced to an instrumental and pragmatic “science,” while intellectuality has been cropped and deformed into a selfserving rationality. Post-modern thought, in exposing the baseless and relative nature of rationality without metaphysical grounding, has only compounded the problem, leading to cognitive anarchy and a crisis of meaning. Hence the resolution of this problem lies in uncovering the reality of cognition and intellectuality, and going on to discover the relationship of the latter with spirituality.
The first Short-term Research Program  (STRP) of Al-Mustafa International University—Tehran Branch, on the subject of “Intellectuality and Spirituality,” was held in Tehran, Iran from December 16, 2011 to January 11, 2012. The Program addressed the various dimensions of this crisis of the modern world by employing the rich heritage of the Islamic tradition, especially the incisive views of Muslim philosophers and mystics, to come up with effective answers that might redress the contemporary malaise.

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