Shia Divorce Law

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  • ناشر: مرکز بين المللی ترجمه و نشر المصطفی (ص)
  • نویسنده: دکتر سيد عليرضا نقوی
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  • زبان : انگليسی
  • موضوع : فقه و اصول
  • سال چاپ : 1395
  • نوبت چاپ : سوم
  • قطع : رقعی
  • نوع جلد : شوميز

Shia Divorce Law

“The work gives evidence of sound scholarship, originality and scientific research methodology. The author has used almost all the standard and original Shia sources of law from the Classical to Modern periods. He has consulted the four basic sources of the Shia legal system as well as book of Tawdih al-Masā'il by the leading contemporary Shia Mujtahids. Dr Naqvi’s works on Shia Personal Laws will serve as comprehensive, reliable, authentic and easily accessible reference books.
(Dr. S. Husain M. Jafari, author of Origins and Early Development of Shia Islam).
Hailing from a Shia family of Islamic scholars, the author holds a special Doctorate in Persian from Tehran University, whose doctoral Dissertation was given Best Book of the Year Award by king of Iran on Nawruz 1966. With sufficient knowledge of Arabic, Persian, English and Law, he specialized in Shia Law at Tehran University and consulted lead Shia Ulema of great repute in Qum and Najaf. In 2012, the Best Book of the Year Award by the Iranian President for his trilingual Dictionary, Farhange Jame', (Persian Studies Centre, Islamabad) is a new feather in his cap. Following the book on Shia Marriage Law, here are his two other books on Shia Divorce Law and Shia Inheritance Law. The last book of the Shia Personal Laws series — Shia Law of Wills — will be published shortly.

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