Essence of Creation

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  • ناشر: مرکز بين المللی ترجمه و نشر المصطفی (ص)
  • نویسنده: محمد امين بالادستيان،محمدمهدی حائری پور و مهدی يوسفيان
  • مترجم: سيد عبدالرئوف افضلی
  • تعداد صفحات: 267
  • شمارگان: 300
  • شابک: 9789641958918
  • شناسه ملی: 3548591
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  • زبان : انگليسی
  • موضوع : مهدويت
  • سال چاپ : 1395
  • نوبت چاپ : سوم
  • قطع : رقعی
  • نوع جلد : شوميز

Essence of Creation

    Being designed as a textbook Essence of Creation touches a wide range of issues from the birth of Imam Mahdi to his reappearance. It sheds light on issues such as the importance of the question of Mahdaviyat, Imam Mahdi's signs and attributes, his occultation, the uses of his occultation, his long life, his government and waiting for him. It also discusses the issue of Mahdaviyat from the viewpoint of Quran and tradition. The traditions this book deals with are not restricted to Shiite traditions alone. It treats the issue from the perspective of Sunni traditions as well.        Though this work is supposed to be short in concise, it has not ignored vital issues related to the issue under discussion. It is based on such an outlook that this book deals, among other issues, with the issue of the challenges that face the doctrine of Mahdaviyat. It surveys these challenges and answers them from a strong logical position.

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